The TRUTH About Dogecoin & Safemoon⚠️ (SHOULD YOU BUY?!)


Dogecoin and Safemoon are Crashing! And so is the rest of the entire Crypto Market! In today’s video I share breaking crypto news as well as price updates and prediction for Safemoon and Dogecoin. Will the markets recover? Find out in this video!

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The price dogecoin (DOGE) which is a meme cryptocurrency sky-rocked more than 80% but is now down more than 37%. Elon musk and Tesla had some bad news yesterday, but the market seems to not be reacting too much. Recently him and other celebrities all tweeted a meme of a Shiba Inu, the dog breed of the DOGE token. Dogecoin has experienced a massive amount of price volatility and 19 billion in volume unlike any other cryptocurrency. At the time of this video it is up around 834 percent year against the US dollar.

In the last 24 hours DOGECOIN was the top cryptocurrency gainer, even better than Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP! The meme coin hit an all-time peak of US41.5c on Binance and the price of the cryptocurrency started trading around $0.056 at the beginning of the day.

On March 17th, 2021, I made a video talking about a new Cryptocurrency called Safemoon. If you would have bought just $100 worth of Safemoon, today you would have more than $5,000! In today’s video I discuss what Safemoon is, is it a good investment for you, how to buy Safemoon, and my personal Price Predication for Safemoon in 2021.

Will dogecoin go to $1? Find our more in my price prediction video and how YOU Can buy dogecoin and where!

Will Elon musk tweet about Dogecoin again?! What will happen with Dogecoin?!

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