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0:00 Intro
2:16 Quant Network History
5:04 What is Quant Network?
8:37 QNT token Use-Case
10:09 QNT Tokenomics
12:46 QNT Price Potential
15:18 Quant Network Roadmap
18:20 Final Thoughts


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πŸ“•Quant Network History πŸ“•

Quant Network was founded in December 2017 by Gilbert Verdian. Gilbert has one of the most impressive resumes in cryptocurrency, having worked with a dozen of some of the world’s largest companies, central banks, and government departments. Gilbert also help put together the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 which is currently being used by almost 60 countries around the world to guide their blockchain development.

❓What is Quant Network❓

The Quant Network consists of two products: the Overledger OS blockchain operating system and the Overledger Network. Overledger OS is not a blockchain, but instead sits on top of multiple blockchains and allows individuals and institutions to build mApps, multi-chain applications, on multiple cryptocurrency blockchains instead of one.

The Overledger Network consists of those who are using the Overledger OS operating system, and its Marketplace allows individuals and institutions to share data, resources, and apps which can be monetized. In contrast to most cryptocurrency projects, Quant Network’s technology is closed source and patented. As such, there are not many details as to how exactly its Overledger OS or Overledger Network work.

πŸ› QNT Token Use-CaseπŸ› 

QNT is an ERC-20 token used by individuals and institutions to pay licensing fees to Quant Network to use the Overledger OS blockchain operating system. It is also used to pay for services and applications on the Overledger Network Marketplace. All transactions are processed using the Quant Network Treasury which consists of multiple Ethereum smart contracts.

Any QNT used to pay for licensing fees is held by the treasury for the 12-month duration of the contract, after which the tokens are automatically sold by the treasury at current market prices. The Quant Network prices everything in US dollars and uses its own in-house oracle to determine the amount of QNT tokens needed to pay a licensing fee or for a service on the Overledger Network Marketplace.

πŸ“ˆQNT Tokenomics πŸ“‰

QNT has a maximum supply of around 14.5 million. Of this max supply, 4.5 million has been allocated to the Quant Network while the rest was sold during their ICO in May 2018. The initial supply of QNT was 45.5 million, around 66% of which was burned in September 2018. Details regarding the burn can be found on the Info tab of Etherscan or using the Medium post in the useful links section.

πŸ€‘QNT Price Potential πŸ€‘

The QNT token has been in an uptrend ever since it started trading on the crypto market in August 2018. Compared to its ICO price of around 1.1$USD, QNT has pulled a 13x move since that time and continues to increase in price. However, much of the trading volume for QNT appears to be fake, as it is taking place on exchanges which have been known to engage in wash trading and other questionable practices.

πŸ“…Quant Network RoadmapπŸ“…

Quant Network hopes its Overledger OS will be the operating system used in the new world of interconnected blockchains. To that end, its prolific CEO has been leveraging his existing connections to build serious partnerships for the project.

Unfortunately, development has been quite slow. This might be due to the relative lack of funding – their ICO did not raise very much money. After a recent investment by Alpha Sigma Capital, development seems to have accelerated as Quant Network is finally starting to showcase the beta versions of some of its most integral components, such as the Quant Network Treasury smart contract.


πŸ“œ Disclaimer πŸ“œ

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