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Hey E.T Fam! I’m broadcasting live while on vacation with the fam. I know I should probably take a break, but crypto doesn’t take breaks. I plan on keeping you all updated on all of the happenings in the market as often as I can. There have plenty plenty of news worth talking about, so I have to tap in. L1s are still pumping like it’s going out of style.

We’re witnessing bullish momentum from Near, Solana, Luna, etc. I predict that the L1 ecosystems won’t be far behind. Also, in true SEC fashion, news is developing around the regulation of stablecoins. Try as they may, I doubt they’ll be stopping this party anytime soon.

Banks are still announcing their entrance into the crypto market with Citibank being the latest. Mastercard is also throwing their hat into the ring with the announcement of them enabling any merchant or bank to offer crypto and Bitcoin services. Also, BlockFi has partnered with asset management company, Neuberger Berman, to offer crypto asset management products. Everyone is getting in on the action.

in NFT news, Shoyu (Sushiswap’s NFT marketplace) is set to launch next. Let’s see if it will live up to the hype. Speaking of hype, we’re still seeing NFTs sell for record prices. A Bored Ape just sold for 815 ETH ($3.4M) in a Sotheby’s auction….did someone say something about an NFT bear market where? I don’t think the blue chip projects heard you. E.T Fam, come kick it with me while I discuss all of this and more!

0:00 One Of The Best Times In Crypto
1:14 Precursor To The Mania
3:16 Diving Into The News
4:11 100% Dedication To The Audience
5:05 When People Leverage Long The Dip
6:14 Erik Krown/101 Trading Course
8:14 Rekt Capital Tweet
9:09 L1 Season
9:45 The Trifecta
10:16 L1s That Are Shining
11:45 Near Protocol Announcement
13:20 Why L1 Season Is Going To Be So Powerful
14:00 One Of The Easiest Ways To Navigate
15:03 Be Prepared To Hold
15:35 Look For 5x-20x On Your Portfolio
17:17 The Goal Is To Play The Cycles
18:22 What You Want To Do Is…
19:20 Take Your 5x And Wait
20:03 If You Have 50K
20:55 Early Degenerate Days
23:30 The FUD Will Come
24:23 FUD Storms Come And Pass
25:11 Identify Macro Tops And Bottoms
26:38 More Bullish News
27:15 This NFT Moment Is The Most Important
28:45 Shoyu News
29:11 BAYC Sale
30:00 NFT Talk/Adobe
30:40 Neo Tokyo Identities Talk
31:47 We’ve Created A Diamond Handed Community
32:30 $100M Market Cap
33:30 We Can Disrupt The Industry By Creating Communities Of Value
34:03 The Most Valuable Free Mint Project Of All Time
35:03 The Purpose And Purity Of Neo Tokyo
36:30 This Only Works With You All
37:20 The Next Neo Tokyo

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

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