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GM E.T Fam! Rise and shine! I’m coming to you all live early this morning to talk crypto. Fear and FUD has started to plague the market yet again. This comes off the back of a recent price crash. As a result, there has been a lot of discussion within the Crypto Twitter community about whether or not we’re revisiting the bear market of 2018. Regardless of how things may feel at the moment, on-chain metrics beg to differ.

We are still macro bullish. Things are actually starting to recover as we’ve seen a recent bounce off of the lows. Also, Ethereum is showing perfect signs that it’s primed for pumpage. Join me as I discuss what my approach will be moving forward. Also, I have some news to announce.

0:00 Seeing A Little Bit Of Uncertainty
1:12 Highrise Creature Club Drop Update
5:30 Hopping Into The Comments
7:03 Almost Every Good Launch Comes With A Hiccup
8:44 Perfection Is The Enemy Of Good
10:52 I Think I Do Need Glasses
11:54 Unclinch The Jaw
12:18 Fear And Greed Index
13:03 The Market Likes To Upset Everyone
14:50 Big March 2020 Energy
16:00 This Is Where I Start To Get Freaked Out
17:09 What Do I Think?
18:06 Fear In The Market Is What I Like To See
18:58 Market Opinions
20:30 We Need To Mentally Prepare For A Slow Grind Down
22:52 Zhu Su Tweet
24:03 Axie Infinity
25:49 We Know That Crypto Is Eating The Internet
26:40 Gaming Cryptos Are Up Tremendously
27:27 ZK-Rollups Are The Next Big Trend
28:44 The Greed In The Market Needs To Be Washed Out
29:36 Microstrategy Buys $400M Worth Of Bitcoin
30:36 Will Clemente Tweet
32:17 TechDev Tweet
33:42 StarkNet News
34:20 Massive Moment For ZK-Rollups
35:08 Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day
36:06 Jack Dorsey Stepping Down
36:45 Hopping Into The Comments/JRNY Collaboration Update
38:23 Q&A
41:15 The Biggest Business Model Is Attention
42:36 EllioTrades Discord Update
45:20 Glassnode Report
46:05 Imposters Will Be The Most Important Game
47:28 I’m A Big Believer In Planning Projects That Can Impact The World
48:45 Rent Or Buy?
51:20 Addressing Hardware Wallet Minting
52:26 Will DeFi Pump Again?
55:14 The 10x Gem Is You
56:42 Akash
58:13 Highrise Whitelist Oversubscribed
1:01:33 Expectations For Highrise Creatures
1:03:43 Why Scam?
1:04:47 Big Thank You

So join in as we cover all things crypto this morning! Don’t miss out Fam!
DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

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