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0:00 How I Plan To Navigate The Market
1:17 $1000 Giveaway
1:49 What Happened?
3:14 I’m A Big Believer In This Space
4:50 It’s A Marathon
5:40 This Is Unavoidable
6:20 One Trade To Become A Multimillionaire
8:00 Everybody’s Soft
8:46 People Will Choose The Easy Way Out
9:36 Nothing Changes
10:18 What’s Going On In The Mainstream Markets
11:52 Krown’s Prediction
13:00 Reviewing Byzantine General Tweets
14:10 Hopping Into The Questions
16:48 Lengthening Cycle
18:06 Ansem Is The Goat
19:13 Ethereum Is Breaking Away From Bitcoin
21:05 This Dip Had Nice Conclusions
22:11 The Only Way Forward
23:27 If We Go Boring
23:47 Luna
25:00 Good Tech Will Be Bought
26:11 Raoul Pal Statement
28:02 This Is Not Over
28:46 P2E
29:33 I’m Not Going To Tell You To Sell
30:17 All You Have To Do Is Stick To A Plan
31:35 It’s Ok To Laugh
32:10 Crypto IsWay Too Big To Fail
33:20 The YouTube Algo
33:40 Having A Long Time Preference Is Key
34:15 OpenSea Volume
35:50 Neo Tokyo Competition
37:27 Hopping Into Questions
38:48 Play. The. Games!
39:50 Don’t Mistake Brains For A Bull Market
41:10 I Want You To Understand Why
42:18 We Ain’t Seen Pain Yet
43:33 What Happened In 2020
45:34 The Institutional Mindset Is Set For 2022
46:28 We’re All In This Together
47:40 Superchats
49:44 It’sAbout Long Term Success
50:30 I’m Wearing a Rugrats Shirt
51:33 We’re On The Ride Of Our Lives

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

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