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Wassup E.T Fam? Looks like we’ll be adding another bullish week to the scoreboard *fingers crossed*. Bitcoin is continuing to print bullish patterns, and now ETH has decided to join the fray with a breakout of its own. #Polkadot has also started to make some bullish movements off the back of the parachains announcement yesterday. Things are looking bright, but we still have our heads on a swivel. The Fear and Greed Index is slowly starting to approach greed, but things have’t started to reach euphoria just yet.

We still have a little time, but let’s be sure to stay aware. We’re starting to see everyone develop the desire to explore crypto even further. Recently, BTC mining activity has experienced a huge uptick in Russia due to the China ban. Even Vladimir Putin has come out and announced that he believes that cryptocurrencies hold value. At this point, I definitely won’t be surprised to see the Bitcoin ETFs come into fruition this month.

Be sure not to sleep on the #altcoins either. We’re still due for an industry-wide parabolic event in Q4. Also, NFTs are continuing to run the world. The big boys are tired of feeling left out. First, it was Coinbase announcing their NFT marketplace…now Visa wants a piece of the action as well. For any of my regular viewers, this should come as no surprise.

You all know that I’m regularly on my NFT soapbox shouting to the world about how groundbreaking NFTs are. Speaking of NFTs, can you all guess what else I’m constantly beating my drum about? NFT gaming! E.T Fam, I cannot stress to you all enough how monumental #NFTgaming will be in the very near future. It will literally be the main catalyst that puts the entire industry on its back and marches us to Valhalla!

I plan on bringing you all much more NFT gaming content. If you want to be at the forefront of the alpha, make sure to stay locked in and watch every broadcast

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00:44 = Bitcoin ETFs signal
03:18 = Market watch
04:17 = End of year playbook
05:43 = Bitcoin bull market just chilling
06:40 = Keep an eye on these sectors
08:39 = Outro

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