Crypto News: Polygon, Terra, ALGO, Massive Hacks & More!!


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Last Week’s Crypto Review πŸ‘‰
Latin American Bitcoin Adoption πŸ‘‰
Cryptocurrency Custody 101 πŸ‘‰
Fiat Ponzi Scheme πŸ‘‰
Solana Update πŸ‘‰
Exchange Tokens πŸ‘‰ CRO Analysis πŸ‘‰
Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchanges πŸ‘‰
Richest People In Crypto πŸ‘‰
Companies Buying Bitcoin πŸ‘‰
Cryptocurrency ESG Explained πŸ‘‰
Gary Gensler Crypto Comments πŸ‘‰
Stacks STX Potential πŸ‘‰
Who Is Buying USDT πŸ‘‰


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β–Ί El Salvador Buys The Dip:
β–Ί Microstrategy Buys The Dip:
β–Ί Bitcoin Backed Loans At Big Banks:
β–Ί Solana Grayscale Trust:
β–Ί Polygon ETP:
β–Ί Algorand 500 Million Dollar Fund:
β–Ί Aave Institutional Platform:
β–Ί Acquires 2 US Exchanges:
β–Ί FTX 1.5B Raise:
β–Ί Bitmart Hack:
β–Ί Badger DAO Hack:
β–Ί Celsius Affected:
β–Ί Forbes 30 Under 30 Crypto:


0:00 Intro
2:18 BTFD on BTC
4:03 Bitcoin Loans
6:09 Institutional Altcoin Investment
8:06 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Exposed
9:54 Cryptocurrency Hacks
11:46 Forbes 30 Under 30 Ft. Crypto
12:59 Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter
15:04 Cryptocurrency vs. Fiat
16:43 Weekly Market Forecast
19:41 Outro


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