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Last Week’s Crypto Review πŸ‘‰
China’s Crypto Mining Crackdown πŸ‘‰
Institutional Crypto Survey πŸ‘‰
Cosmos Explained πŸ‘‰
El Salvador Bitcoin Adoption πŸ‘‰
Gary Gensler Testimony πŸ‘‰
How To Spot The Top πŸ‘‰
Exchange Tokens Analysis πŸ‘‰


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β–Ί TikTok Top Moments NFT Auction:
β–Ί Dapper Labs NFL Partnership:
β–Ί Ripple 250 Million NFT Creator Fund:
β–Ί Chinese Ethereum Mining Pools Close:
β–Ί Alibaba Bans Crypto Mining Rig Sales:
β–Ί China Bans Crypto Again:
β–Ί DyDx Beats Coinbase by Trading Volume:
β–Ί 22 Million Ethereum Gas Fee Story:
β–Ί Compound Finance Accidentally Rewards 80 Million In COMP:
β–Ί Institutional Crypto Survey:
β–Ί Morgan Stanley Europe Doubles GBTC Exposure:
β–Ί Chainalysis Highlights Europe As DeFi Hotspot:
β–Ί Bank Applies For MakerDAO Loan:
β–Ί Revolut Reveals Crypto Token:
β–Ί Visa Interoperability Hub:
β–Ί More Than 2 Million Salvadorians Download Chivo:
β–Ί El Salvador Mines First BTC With Volcano Energy:
β–Ί US Admin Wants To Regulate Stablecoins Issues As Banks:
β–Ί Gary Reiterates Support For Futures Backed Bitcoin ETF:


0:00 Intro
2:16 NFT Hype
4:02 Ethereum Miners Shut Down
5:17 DeFi Explodes
6:34 22$ Million ETH Gas Fee
8:35 Institutional Crypto Investing Continues
11:10 El Salvador BTC Milestones
12:35 Stablecoin Regulations Coming Soon
14:14 Weekly Crypto Market Forecast
17:36 Outro


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