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Happy Sunday E.T Fam! I’m going live with you all today to chop it up and share some wisdom. Bitcoin may be boring at the moment, but altcoins are taking off like a rocket. The metaverse and crypto gaming projects have been no secret, but the L1s have also started their march upwards…..AVAX in particular. Things have been heating up for L1s in more ways than one. Throughout the weekend, there has been a heated debate surrounding L1s vs L2s and the future of ETH happening on Crypto Twitter.

Some of the OGs seem to think that the time for Ethereum may be coming to an end as developers are starting to migrate to other protocols. It’s been an interesting discussion for sure, and a lot of great points have been made on both sides. Axie Infinity is continuing its international takeover. The citizens of Venezuela have been offered Axie scholarships for those that wish to participate in crypto training courses. This is interesting because we’re seeing gaming being offered as an incentive to participate in the industry.

Bullish, Bullish, Bullish….Also, there may be more alpha in store for you all. You will have to tune in to find out.

00:00 Intro
2:00 Reading Comments
3:55 SuperFarm + Genesis NFTs Explained
5:15 Imposters Wen?
5:50 ETH Drama?
8:44 The Question Is…
10:16 The Missoooooor Explained
11:30 “We’re Not Impressed” Tweet
13:30 ETH is Amazing; Solana + Avax Can Still Be Darling Too
14:18 L2s Are Not L1s
14:44 Making Things Faster Does Not Equal Scalability
15:00 ETH Drama in a Nutshell
15:43 Right Coins Getting So Many People Rich
16:45 Axie Scholars Getting Paid to Play?!
18:20 What’s Going to Benefit From These Changes?
19:38 Biggest Human Change
20:07 Nike Moves To The Metaverse
21:13 Why Are These Coins Crushing?
21:40 Oasis New Hot L1
22:03 Smart Contract Platforms At a Glance
23:04 IMX Gains
23:55 Boba Network
24:58 Set Aside a Bucket for L2s
25:23 Let’s Talk AVAX!
26:52 Crabada
29:06 UFO Crushing IT
30:13 Community is Key
31:52 This is Going To Be Monumental
32:25 Sandbox
33:58 Master The Art of Crypto Gaming Research
34:51 Short Time Frame Dump? I’m Not Worried
36:06 Jumping Into Live Chat + Comments
37:45 Only Meta Have the Funding to Survive Long Term? Agree/Disagree
41:34 I’m Here to Create the Rebel Alliance
43:36 The Time For Us to Grab the Means of Production is NOW
43:57 Answering More Questions
44:50 Rev?
45:20 Will Nintendo Move to the Metaverse?

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

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