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How’s it going E.T Fam?! Join me as I go live with you all. We have a few things to discuss. After the recent leverage shakeout, the market is still looking a little bland. However, I don’t take this as a bearish signal. On-chain metrics are still showing plenty of bullish activity.

You all should know by now that during a bullish cycle, blood in the charts equates to discount signals. Is there a chance that we could see more downward movement in the price of #BTC during the short term? It’s quite possible. I won’t deny that. This still doesn’t change my overall sentiments towards where we’re ultimately headed.

I will be taking advantage of every upcoming opportunity. People within the community often complain about missing out on golden opportunities. However, when the opportunities present themselves, these same people are too frozen in fear to make the proper moves. If I haven’t taught you all anything else, I hope that I have at least taught you all to not be that person. Outside of that, there are still stories of mainstream crypto adoption being reported every day. has been killing it on the promotional front lately. We’ll discuss that and more. The chance to make life changing wealth is still upon Fam! Make sure you aren’t caught sitting on the sidelines! WAGMI!!!

0:00 Doomsday Feeling In Crypto Land
1:24 Massive Gift From The Crypto Gods
3:13 AVAX Talk
4:50 Opulous Giveaway
6:19 We Need To Be Honest With Each Other
6:50 Krown’s Analysis
8:26 One Of The Most Important Things Crypto Gives You
9:56 An Amazing Opportunity
11:05 The Longer Cycle The Better It Is
12:13 Microcaps Are Super Risky
13:24 It Takes A While
14:54 Bear Market Threads….
16:40 It’s You Against You
17:47 Do Not Leave The Space
18:55 What We Need To Weigh
20:48 Sell Everything Moment
21:29 Wild Bullish Move
22:24 Ben Cowen Tweet
23:26 Raoul Paul Tweet
25:23 The Slower The Cycle….
26:45 An Amazing Gift
28:09 Crypto Gaming Is The Boat
28:39 BAYC Talk
29:32 Rekt Capital Tweet
30:08 Sentiment Runs The Market
31:22 L1s Have Stolen The Show/Oasis
32:26 Potential DeFi Gem/Big Brain Oliver
33:16 Brave Browser
34:03 No Company Can Own The Metaverse/Tim Sweeney
35:00 This Is The Battle Against The Machine
36:26 The Challenge Of The Next 5-10 Years
37:16 The Projects You Should Be Focusing On
37:55 The Four Categories That I’m Watching
39:39 Gaming Coins Are The Biggest Category
41:19 SuperFarm & Immutable X
42:09 Highrise Creature Club
44:23 Whitelist Spot Giveaway
44:40 Solve This Riddle
46:02 Not Financial Advice
47:07 Diving Into The Comments
50:56 I Have Cool Things Planned
52:49 Neo Tokyo
53:49 It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

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