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Wassup E.T Fam?! I hope everyone’s week has gotten off to a great start. I’m feeling good today, so I’m deciding to go live and share this energy with you all. It’s official, Bitcoin achieved the highest weekly close since its inception! This is awesome news. Now, the question is, what’s next?

Well, there may be a chance of a bit of a cool down in the short term, but we will have to see. The Bitcoin Futures ETF starts trading tomorrow. So, we’re eager to see what the response will be once institutional investors are able to get their hands on the futures contracts. Crypto is growing more popular by the day, but it is still important to understand how early we are to the industry. Morgan Stanley and Macroscope has been comparing the user growth in crypto to the growth in the 90’s tech boom.

For those of you that are old enough to remember the tech boom of the 90’s (when we still called the internet the World Wide Web), you know how exciting and hectic that period of history was. Welcome to round 2. Can we end this week with bullish price movement? Will #Bitcoin surpass its ATH and continue into new price discover? Keep watching to find out. In order to win, you gotta tune in! Much Luv E.T Fam!

1:38 – Krown TA Talk
4:23 – BTC to 300K?
6:24 – Bitcoin dominance & the market cap
8:18 -The BTC News cycle: candle & ETF
12:48 – How the ETF hurts retail
14:17 – The balance between FOMO & FUD
16:19 – Establishing where the top is
17:22 – Into the Metaverse
19:30 – Grayscale making moves
20:27 – Beware of the bears!
23:40 – Personal view on Altcoin moves
26:41 – The great gaming run
28:52 – Personal strategy
29:13 – NFT price correction explained
31:33 – Complex NFT narrative: not what by WHAT
34:00 – Find the strong NFT communities
35:45 – Old Bay X factor Bitcoin continues to Bull
36:38 – Answering Comments
40:29 – Tips for avoiding NFT rug pulls

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

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