NFTs have been on fire for the last few weeks with many of them selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a select few selling for millions. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you the next 100X NFT project, and the best part is, at the time of this recording, these NFTs have not even been minted yet.

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00:00 NFTs on Fire!
01:29 What’s the next 100X NFT project?
06:08 NFT Marketplace example
08:13 PancakeSwap NFTs
09:56 Learn Cryptocurrency

🥞 The PancakeSwap NFT Ecosystem Evolves

We normally wait until the end of the month to share our sweet sweet alpha, but things are rapidly heating up in the NFT world, and we can’t wait to tell you what we’re cooking!

🔥 NFT Marketplace 🔥

We’ve heard your cries. We’ve seen the tweets. We’ve even seen you explode with rage. Well, we’re hopping with joy to announce: we’re working on it.

As usual, we won’t be sharing the timeline, but we’re working to deliver the simplest version possible ASAP, which we’ll then iterate on and improve.

Here’s a few things we can share for the MVP:

– You will be able to both buy and sell NFTs
– Trades will be in BNB/WBNB
– Fees from the marketplace will be used to buyback and burn CAKE
– The first tradable NFTs will be specific to PancakeSwap, and launch with our first NFT collection (see below)

Yes, you read it right: at first, you’ll only be able to trade PancakeSwap’s NFTs. An MVP is a Minimum Viable Product, meant for fast execution and to get things up and running fast. Once the MVP is established, we’ll immediately be working to open the marketplace up to a much wider range of collectibles.

You might also be asking, “why can’t I buy with CAKE?”. That’s because we want EVERYONE to be able to trade on the NFT marketplace. If you can send a tx on BSC, you can trade NFTs on PancakeSwap. Remove barriers.

Creators — don’t worry, we’ve got you in mind.

This is going to be fun.

🔥 New NFT Collection 🔥

Soon after the launch of the marketplace, we’ll be dropping an all-new 🔥🔥🔥NFT collection🔥🔥🔥 by our very own Chef Cecy.

The actual mint numbers are still TBC, but each NFT will be unique with a set of traits to define rarity, and the overall number of the collection will be limited.

Here’s what we can say:
– You’ll need to have a PancakeSwap profile in order to participate
– The minting fee will be in CAKE (cost TBC)
– All CAKE contributed for minting will be burned



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