Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit From Silk Road Founder, Bitcoin Pioneer Ross Ulbricht


A federal court in Arizona has dismissed a religious rights lawsuit filed in May by convicted Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht against the Federal Bureau of Prisons, according to an order signed by U.S. District Judge David Bury on December 13.

Ulbricht, 37, claimed through an attorney that prison officials at USP Tucson were burdening his right to exercise his religion by barring him from using a prison email system to communicate with his father.

The suit claimed Ulbricht held a sincere belief that he was “obliged to honor his father and mother,” and that the prison’s Trulincs messaging service was the only way he could communicate with his father, Kirk, who lives in Matapalo, Costa Rica. Ulbricht’s attorney claimed officials were violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Source: Bitcoin Magazine


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