2021: A Roller-Coaster Year With Lasting Changes For Bitcoin


2021 has been a year of major events. We’ve experienced the ongoing global pandemic, widespread and extended lockdowns, significant supply chain disruptions, and unprecedented monetary stimulus from central banks. For cryptocurrency, 2021 saw several major breakthroughs in institutional adoption, along with price appreciation. Our 2021 year-end review highlights the most significant developments and changes seen this year, as well as the subjects we’ll be focusing on in 2022.

Bitcoin has propelled itself beyond all doubt as an emerging asset class.

Bitcoin alone has reached a $1.27 trillion market capitalization, and totaled an average daily trading volume of $10 billion, per data from Messari Real Volume. By comparison, the most heavily-traded stock, Tesla, with a roughly $1 trillion market capitalization, has an average daily trading volume of $20 billion. This indicates that bitcoin’s volume is comparable to that of the most popular large-cap stocks. Rising market capitalization and sufficient liquidity have allowed bitcoin to absorb institutional capital entry. As such, bitcoin has unquestionably established itself as an emergent asset class.

Source: Bitcoin Magazine


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